Travel and the Inspiration for a Creative Life

Even though I love being at home and nesting, I also love to travel. Recently my husband, Bren, and I travelled to the Pacific Northwest on a vacation that ended in Seattle for the opening of Bren’s show at the Bellevue Arts Museum. (Check out the Seattle Times review of his show here:

The lush and green landscape of the Pacific Northwest was a refreshing change from the dry Bay Area where we live. One the highlights for me was visiting the Forecourt Fountain (Keller Fountain Park) in downtown Portland. The park was designed by the office of the well-known San Francisco landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. Completed in 1970, the sprawling fountain is an internationally acclaimed and popular public open space. I studied this park in my early days as a baby landscape architecture student in the 1980’s. After seeing it so many times in books and magazines, finally getting to see it in person was amazing.

The primary reason for starting my own business is to embrace the creative life. The best part of having my own business is the freedom I feel and the luxury of time to travel and create these moments of inspiration.


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