Design by Pinterest

Long before Pinterest people collected magazine clippings and hoarded photographs for design inspiration. Finding inspiration in today’s world looks a little different and only takes a few clicks and searches online. Sharing inspiration and collaborating on ideas helps designers make dreams become reality.

Pinterest, an online service and app, allows users to share images through social networking. When it comes to landscape architecture, users share their Pinterest boards with their designers, providing an insight into the client’s expectations.

Clients’ Pinterest boards act as a tool for designers helping us understand what a client wants.  After seeing a client’s dream board, I use my design expertise to create a beautiful garden that others will want to pin on their Pinterest boards.

My Pinterest board for a garden in Palm Springs

Share your ideas, expectations and Pinterest boards. This develops trust with your designer to successfully make this Pinterest board become a reality, but it also grants the freedom to create something completely original.

Keep pinning and dreaming and I’ll keep designing.

Follow me on Pinterest and share your inspirations with me!


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