The New California Garden

A garden overlooking the bay in Sausalito. Design by Manmade Workshop.

Do you know what a New California Garden is? Probably not because it’s a new term I use to describe a fresh approach to garden design. When people hear New California Garden, they may think of a style like a sleek contemporary garden or a modern cottage garden at the beach, however, the New California Garden is more than a style. It’s my approach to creating healthy and beautiful gardens.

As a designer, I’m often called upon to adapt a garden to the architectural style of the house or a specific aesthetic the homeowner desires.  Whether it’s a city balcony or a country estate, I approach each project with the intent of creating something remarkable. A remarkable New California Garden has strong architecture, beautiful plantings, and mindfully conserves natural resources like water, soil, and fossil fuels. Most importantly, it also captures the unique spirit inherent to that place.

Entry gate to a garden in the Oakland hills. Design by Manmade Workshop.

Adaptability and resilience are key principles of a New California Garden. A New California Garden is adapted to its natural and built environment. It’s also resilient because it does not rely on excessive water use or require heavy maintenance to thrive. Resilient gardens endure fluctuations in climate and inconsistent levels of care.

A New California Garden has outdoor spaces that flow seamlessly with the house providing a variety of places to relax, entertain, and grow food. Easy care decks and patios are surrounded by waterwise plants that provide seasonal delight. It’s a mini-retreat right outside your door.

The New California garden is here. It’s smart, inspiring and in tune with its surrounding environment.

Sketch for a garden in Palm Springs. Design by Manmade Workshop.

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